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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Organic Food No Better Than Conventional?

Ever since I have been working in the industry of Organics and Healthy Living, I have absolutely adored the organic produce and organic way of living. What the Nature offers us is beautiful and abundant, and we should appreciate what we have and respect it.

I read the news the other day "Organic Food No more Nutritional Than Conventional". But is Organic Food more beneficial?

A latest report from Total Health Breakthrough suggests:

93% of non-organic oranges analyzed contained pesticide residues

78% of apples analyzed contained pesticide residues

43% of all fruit and vegetables analyzed had detectable levels of pesticides

50% of lettuce contained residues from 7 or more chemicals

The list goes on...

Ramdin, a Seattle mother of two daughters, ages 2 and 5 and a neighbor, whose family eats a conventional diet, were among 40 households who kept food diaries of their children for three days, then collected their kids' urine for analysis. The study by researchers at the University of Washington concluded that children fed a diet of organic foods were exposed to far fewer - six to nine times less - toxic pesticides than children fed a conventional diet!

"Buying organic makes me feel good, that I'm doing something good for the land," says Ramdin. "But it's great to hear that there are real differences in what chemicals my children were exposed to."

Herbicide or pesticide used in conventional food production could remain in our food. But moreover on the environmental front, the chemical and energy intensive industrial farming could degrade the soil, pollute the environment, and destabilize the climate with CO2, methane and nitrous oxide greenhouse gas pollution.

Is organic food better than conventional? I'd say "YES".

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