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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Snoring coping as a partner

Is your partner's snoring leaving you at your wit's end? Are you forced to sleep on the couch because they snore so loudly? Here are some ideas and options that may help.

Positional therapy

Sleeping on your side or stomach may help reduce snoring. There are a number of devices that may help prevent you from sleeping on your back.


Stress affects your breathing, so various methods of stress management may help alleviate snoring. Breathing techniques, for example, can help reduce stress and create a new breathing pattern. Also, hypnotherapy can be used to treat anxiety and depression, both of which may be factors contributing to the snoring. Some people have found success with aromatherapy as well, such as using rose and other relaxing smells.

Quit smoking

You may be allergic to the ingredients in tobacco, which may be an aggravation to your snoring. Simply being around smoke may be a contributing factor.


Exercise can help reduce stress and improve breathing patterns. It's important not only that you exercise, but that you do so in the right conditions to reduce snoring. Exercise in an environment that will not inflame any allergic responses. For example, swimming in a chlorinated pool or jogging in a meadow where you're allergic to the foliage and flora may make the situation worse. For purposes of controlling snoring, gentle exercises like walking are better than more rigorous exercises like hard running.

Weight loss

Obesity is thought to contribute to snoring, so losing weight is frequently recommended as a treatment if you are overweight

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